Game on. October 29, 2017

More details this week, but we are set for Sunday October 29 at High Noon, Salisbury Equestrian Park, in Parker Colorado!

Viva Bandido Cross!


Of course you need one more damn hat and T shirt.

Bandido Cross may be once a year, but you can now show the world year round that you ride CX and are one of the coolest kids on the block.

Yes, we have merch now.  Damn corporate sellouts.  Shop now!

Need to go to an important business meeting?  Put on a tie and TCB (take care of Biz-nass).


Men’s and Ladies T’s, and 2 flavors of helmet-head covering caps.

When you see each other on the street, a quiet nod between you will simply say, “Yeah brother.”


Race Day Schedule – November 27

Only 2 days to go!  Make sure and pre-register!

Here is the schedule for Sunday’s Event:

  • Sunrise – 6:47am:  Course opens for pre-ride.  No one will be there, but you can ride if you really want to.
  • 1030am: Course will be marked, forks in the road labeled, barriers in place. Ready for your riding pleasure.
  • 11:15am: Official pre-ride lap.
  • 11:50am:  Staging of the Really Racing, bikes arranged LeMans style start.
    • Kids and fans to Marshmallow Hill
  • 11:59am:  Pairing of the Really Racing Rock-Paper-Scissors (Roshambo) group
  • Noon: RPS Elimination round begins, until final 2 contestants remain.
  • 0:00: Winner of RPS goes
  • +0:0:15: 2nd place RPS goes
  • +0:0:30: Winner’s group goes
  • +0:0:45:  2nd place group goes
    • 40 minute race time
  • 12:45pm: Singlespeed Clydesdale named Cole group
  • 12:50pm: Pairing of the Not Really Racing Rock-Paper-Scissors (Roshambo) group
    •  RPS Elimination round begins, until final 2 contestants remain.
    • 0:00: Winner of RPS goes
    • +0:0:15: 2nd place RPS goes
    • +0:0:30: Winner’s group goes
    • +0:0:45:  2nd place group goes
    • 40 Minute Race Time
  • 1:30pm: Course cleanup
  • 2:00pm:
    • New Bandido Knighting Ceremony (Parking Lot)
    • Really Racing / Not Really Racing Jersey Ceremony
  • Adjourn to Barnett and Sons Brewing, Parker CO

Please remember:

Have a good time.  Please don’t drink and drive.  We can take care of your bikes, and please take an Uber if you need.

We have a permit for the park, and we may encounter some walkers or other riders. Be a good ambassador and be friendly.

This event is a mix of absolute, brand new riders and more experienced racers.  Smile, lend a helping hand, don’t take anything personal.

It’s going to be great.  Thank you.

Registration Closes Midnight Saturday November 26th!

Important info about attending Bandido Cross

TL;DR: Register ONLINE by MIDNIGHT SATURDAY. : Click Here to Register!
We’re paperless and operate by design with a minimalist infrastructure. Our goal is do things easy and efficiently. If you’ve attended bike race events in Colorado, there are usually some people standing in the cold early morning doing day-of sign ups. We don’t need to do that.
So what does this mean to me?

We are not doing day-of (Sunday) registration.

This saves printing entry forms. This saves processing fees on card reader transactions. No “wet signatures” for no good reason. BikeReg is great to work with, and they do have an integrated day-of system we’ll use next year, but their systems close at midnight on the 26th.
We know plans change, calendars open up – sweet! If for some reason you wake up Sunday and can make it:
– print, fill out and sign this form: (Online Waiver)
– Bring: $15 exact change or check, or PayPal
Thank you! The weather is looking sweet, the course will be in fun, and we can’t wait to see everyone.

thank you.

My friends…

A very sincere thank you for coming out last Sunday.  Truly an epic event, and I appreciate the spirit, friendship and shenanigans from every single one of you.  Thank you for pulling up the stakes and the course tape.

Some precious memories…

  • I just wrote a check for $800 to support Project Recycle.
  • Barnett and Sons donated $117 from pint sales.
  • Little Emmett on his strider bike.
  • The entire Reichert family going full tilt.
  • Nic Handy creating the hill climb event.
  • Our honorable mayor came out to see us.
  • So many emails and posts and photos about how much fun was had.

I also received an email from the Town of Parker that they plan to keep the course mowed all year round, and our plan here is to have several events throughout the season in 2016.  If you have a minute, please shoot an email to Betsy at Parker Rec letting her know we appreciate her and the support of the town.

John Haley

Thanks to my buddy John for suggesting we partner up, and his help with permits, course prep and cleanup.

Make sure to post your photos in Bandido Cross on Facebook and follow us @BandidoCross.

We’ll be riding all year round – hope to see you soon.



Bandido Cross is here!

Last minute info…

Hola!  This years event is shaping up to be the biggest and best ever.  Here’s some more race day information for everyone.

  • Bandido Cross is on!  Cyclocross is a fall/winter sport, and winter is here.  Races run no matter what.
  • First time riding in snow or first cyclocross race?  We would suggest a few things.
    • Lower your tire pressure.  The turns are slippery in spots, and your cornering will improve.  Just ask us for suggestions.
    • Dress warm – hands, feet, head.  Ski helmets are great, ski gloves, an extra layer of socks.  High of 27 degrees.
    • Slow down, take it easy.  You’ll see what we mean in a few hours.
  • Guided lap – 11 AM.  We’ll all do a course preview lap at 11 am.  More experienced riders will help you out with lines, obstacles, techniques.
  • Really Racing – Noon.  40 Minutes
  • Single Speed Clydesdales Named Cole: 12:40 for 40 minutes
  • Not Really Racing – 12:40:30 for 40 minutes
  • Kids: They are welcome to ride with parents or can go by themselves.
  • Course clean-up: We just need to pull up the course tape and poles.
  • Awards and Knighting Ceremony: All first time Bandido Cross riders will be honorably inducted into our proud ranks. Let us know at check in that it’s your first time.
  • Adjourn to Barnett and Sons: Located 5 minutes away at 18425 Pony Express Dr, Parker, CO 80134, they are donating $1 per pint to Project Recycle.  We’ll get warm there!

If you’ve never been to Bandido Cross…

  • This is unsanctioned.  We have no timing, scoring, referees.  We do have expectations, not rules:
  • If you’re Really Racing Total honor system.  You fast riders know who you are and will keep track of each other.  Be gentlemen and gentleladies, good sports and tolerant.  You may be hit with a marshmallow or two.  Let me know the winner.
  • If you’re not Really Racing – Get rowdy, have fun, be safe and helpful.  Stay in control, know when to say when.
  • Cleanup – Help us keep this park ready for CX.  The Town of Parker and Parks and Rec has been amazing to this event.  Grab some trash, pick up / clean up.  Pack it in, pack it out.
  • This is all about good friends, getting outside in the winter, having a good time.
  • Thank you!  This started as 12 people in a backyard.  Your spirit and passion has made this what it is. Viva Bandidos!