Bandido Cross 2015: Sunday November 29

Greetings amigos.  This year’s Bandido Cross is set for Sunday November 29, 2015.  High Noon as always.

Over 100 people showed up last year – which was absolutely amazing.  We started years ago with 12 people in a backyard.

In order to keep this going, and stay true to the spirit, a few things will be different this year.

  • We are getting an official permit with the Town of Parker.  This was done out of respect, to keep the course open for this and future events.
  • We are also getting event insurance, which is required as part of the permitting process for the town.
  • Which leads to the final change – there will be an entry fee this year, with a real registration and waiver.

The final cost is to be determined – but you will NOT need to purchase a racing license.  We are partnering also with a local kids bike charity.  But all in, for a marked course, reserved for us, will be less than $25.

Marshmallow Hill (p/b Hanes Her Way), the nuevo bandido knighting ceremony and everything that made the event and the people so kick ass will still be part of it.


Bandido Cross Schedule – November 9, 2014

Welcome to Bandido Cross 2014!

This year’s event will be fun beyond words!  What started in a backyard a few short years ago has become an unofficial highlight on the bike calendar.

Only a few rules:

  • Remember, the course is open – watch for dogs, other riders, horses – and be cool.
  • Stay in control if you are drinking anything else besides water.
  • Bring 2 friends:  someone who rides, but has never tried cyclocross; and someone who doesn’t ride, but loves a good time.

We’ve added some really cool stuff:

  • Kids Marshmallow Gauntlet – from Detroit CX:  all the kids will be stationed at the big mean hill, and are encouraged to pelt riders with mini-marshmallows.
  • Yard Games Barriers: Fresh from tailgate parties, we have cornhole / bags, and ladder golf as a manmade barrier.  Volunteers will corral you knuckleheads and issue severe heckling at your lack of skills.
  • Cyclocross Training Seminar: Local CX legend Nic Handy will go into his training plan for cyclocross success
  • Rookie Guided Lap: Keeping with the Bandido spirit of welcoming and encouraging those new to the sport, on our warmup lap we will be pairing true first timers with more experienced riders to answer questions, demonstrate skills, etc.
  • 5K-ish Run! – We all have friends and family who don’t ride, but we want them to participate in the reindeer games too.  After our preride lap at 11am, we will have a 5K run at 11:15.  One hot lap!

Here is the schedule for the day:

  • 10 AM:                Course setup / registration tent opens
  • 1030 AM:             Volunteer Check-in, assignments
  • 11 AM:                Rookie Guided Lap
  • 11:15 AM:            Bandido 5K Run
  • 11:55 AM:           Staging for Bandido Cross
  • High Noon:         Racers Go!
  • High Noon:01:    The rest of us go!
  • 12:50 PM:            Stop!
  • 1 PM:                    Lies, bragging, Induction of New Bandidos into the Ranks
  • 1:30 PM               Head to the bar (TBD)

Bandido Cross, Sunday June 8: Final Updates

Event Location:  Salisbury (Zombie CX), Parker, Colorado

Cost: $0, zero, nothing.  However, if you have a good time, and are so inclined, you can donate to Matt’s Bike MS fundraising page.

Schedule of Events – Sunday June 8

  • 830 am – registration and bib number assignment
  • 900 am – Road ride departs – Hess Road loop (no drop ride)
  • 1030 am – estimated arrival back to Zombie Cross
  • 4 laps around Zombie CX Course (MTBs most welcome!)
  • Then, depart for Hidden Mesa for the MTB ride
  • Cocktails at Takoda Tavern post MTB.
  • Follow @BandidoCross for arrivals and departures

Registration: BikeReg

Weather and Safety Rules – No Bullshit

  1. ROAD: Ride smart and safe on the road.  It is Sunday morning, be careful.
  2. CX at Zombie: If there are youth sports on the baseball field, the hairpin by the parking lot will be detoured, with a hard right on the gravel.
  3. MTB at Hidden Mesa – this spot is very popular with the horse crowd.  YIELD (this means stop) for HORSES.  Put a foot down and let them direct you to proceed.
  4. Don’t be a ‘bag.

Sponsorship Update

Sadly, FarmersOnly withdrew their sponsorship of the event, but the US National Whitewater Center, in Charlotte, North Carolina has stepped up.

All registered riders will take home a commemorative shot glass!

There will also be gifts for first time Bandidos.

US Whitewater


Weather Update

The forecast in Parker calls for another set of storms on Saturday.  If the rain is heavy, we will scrub the MTB portion.



  • 12:00pm: Slightly more serious – but still racin’
  • 12:02pm: Slightly less serious – might be racin’
  • 12:03pm: Beginners, Fatbikes, MTB 

How to register:

Look at your calendar for Sunday.  See if you have anything going on.  Map the race course from your house.  Leave your house so you get here by 11:30 Sunday.

That’s it!  You’re registered!  No fees, no fuss, no dolla bills y’all.  



After Party and Race Schedule!

Everyone is invited to the after party at Al Dente Cooking in Parker.  We’ll have a giant pot of chili, appetizers, and a keg of Hall Brewing Saison.  Al Dente is here: 11211 S Dransfeldt Rd, Parker, CO 80134, just a 3 miles from the race.  Starting at 2:30 pm.

Al Dente Cooking Hall Saison

Schedule of Events: Sunday, November 24!

  • 11:00am: Setup / Warmup
  • 11:40am: Preview Lap
  • 12:00pm: GO! Duration: 50 minutes
  • 1:00pm:  Lies, bragging, awards
  • 2:30pm: After Party @ Al Dente

Bandido Flyover is Ready!

Many Bandidos volunteered tonight to get the flyover installed on the course.



We know you’re excited and want to see it, so here’s a simulation of what the flyover will look like on race day.  Please note tall bikes are prohibited, this is a re-enactment.